Funny Costumes, both cold air inflatable type and furry ones is an important product line from M/s. Unique Inflatables Limited, a pioneering enterprise in the field of cold air inflatable products an emerging and dynamic media for mass communication.

Unique Inflatables was incorporated in 1984 by a professional in fine arts, who always dreamt of making a unique contribution to the advertising world with a ...

Goal to..

be the best in business enterprise always providing customers with innovative opportunities to advertise their name, products, logos and other mass communication concepts through continuous R&D in cutting edge technologies and enable them to derive optimum mileage from high levels of visibility, recall value and GRP ...

and a Mission to...

provide business enterprises and advertising industry with custom made high quality innovative inflatable medium of widest possible diversity that is capable of generating optimum mass communication effect whether installed indoor, outdoor, in the air or on water using cutting edge technology for Total Customer Satisfaction.

The dream was realized when Unique Inflatables pioneered the production of highly visible, larger than life cold air inflatable replicas of products, brands, logos and other mass communication concepts in India, that caught the imagination of advertisers and audiences alike and provided hitherto unprecedented ad-mileage.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and design studio near Hyderabad, houses the best of the equipment and work groups capable of absorbing the dynamics of design, diversity of creative inputs and magnanimity of magnitudes with ease and deliver the desired product at most competitive prices.

Over the years Unique Inflatables has created in excess of 400 funny costume designs and supplied them to 53 countries around the world. Unique has created mascot costumes for several Olympic Games and International Sporting events. Well known and adored character costumes were created for entertainment industry and show businesses across the world. Costumes from Unique has been used to promote many coverted brands across the world in diverse events.

Note: All the special characters, product replicas, trade marks, logos where special copyrights exist and shown in this website
are exclusive property of their respective owners and we at Unique Inflatables lay niether claim nor rights to them . We only lay
claim to the costume workmanship of such characters.

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